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Are you looking for the fresh air of the mountains and hungry for some new adventures ? Do you feel tired of this COVID year and in the need of new sensations ? Are you familiar with the coaching and always ready to assist your team ? And also important, do you love the slopes more than the subway ?  You might just found your new challenge for the coming winter season. Join the best crew in the Alps and work as Area Manager for our Ski operations !

Are you…

  • Available from now on until April 2022 (incl.) ?
  • Fluent in Dutch or French or even better, both of them ?
  • A born-leader who helps his team grow ?
  • A social butterfly who loves to create contacts with partners in the name of the company ?
  • An administrative hero, efficient with systems ?
  • A sales tiger and creative marketer ?
  • Ready to wake up every day with the best view ?

Yes ? Great news, we might be the match we both were looking for !

Okay, and what’s exactly the job ?

Before you get too excited, it’s good that we explain you what this is all about. If you start working for us, you will manage several destinations in the French, Italian and Austrian Alps during the next winter season. You will leave at the end of November and work from the Alps during the whole winter. You will be the manager of Destination Responsible and many guides who are deployed in the resorts we operate. You will be there to coach them, assist them and make sure they provide the best experience to our clients.

What do I have to do ?

  • Help us to prepare the season and the training of the guides, bring your ideas and skills to the reflection and the realization.
  • Be in daily contact with the guides and the destination responsible, visit them on destination, get their feedback and report them to your manager in order to improve the operations.
  • Get your energy for being on the spot, in contact with the guides, the clients and the partners.
  • Make sure our staff on destination is aligned with the level of satisfaction the Sunweb Group expect for our clients.
  • Control and challenge the sales targets on the spot. Be creative and find new sales possibilities for your guides on destination.
  • Be available when necessary to help your guides in case of operational problem, emergency or crisis situation.
  • Be in contact with the partners of the resorts you are in charge of, help your guides to make deals and organize activities. Report partners issues to your manager.
  • Analyze each of your resort with the eyes of a customer, find where the journey can be improved, highlight the good ideas and share them with your colleagues, be creative to reach one single goal : give to our customers the best ski holidays possible.

Your direct manager will be there to help you, to make sure you understand the values and the vision of the company. You will receive a proper training to understand and use the IT systems of the Sunweb Group.

What do I get in return of my excellent work ?

You will live an incredible experience, in the heart of the operations of one of the biggest virtual TO of Europe. You will share your time between the spot and your apartment (which will also be your office) and manage your time the way you want to enjoy the slopes when the sun is shining and the conditions are perfect.

We offer you :

  • A monthly salary
  • A travel+health insurance
  • The transport to your ski destination and back, and a (shared) vehicle on the spot to visit other resorts
  • An apartment for yourself
  • A wildcard to happiness (aka a skipass)
  • Free ski material/snowboard to rent
  • A branded outfit with a jacket and a sweater
  • A phone number


Are you still up for this challenge after reading this ? 

Do not wait any longer and apply for the job before the 12th of October. Give us as many details you have in your application, explain us why you think you are the right person to manage one of our teams, what is your experience, what are your skills.

We are looking forward to hearing from you ! If you have any question about the job, contact me via so we can discuss the job on destination.

Fabienne Rookhuijzen
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